The Souls-Bourne Genre, who cares? I’d rather have games that are a good time. Enough of turning my favorite hobby into so much hard work. I hate hard games and so do many gamers. I’m giving my defense of the average gamer.
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No Time Gamer, NTG, is a channel for reviews, vlogs, top 10 listicles, gameplay, and more dedicated to the busy gamer. We review and discuss any game from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. We plan to add PC content as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X content in the future.

No Time Gamer is run by a small number of people (4 to be exact) that have learned over the years that finding time to play video games gets difficult as you get older and have more responsibilities, aka the busy gamer. Most reviews and discussions on games are geared toward the hardcore or a younger gaming crowd. We wanted to see more content and reviews in particular that are geared toward people who have limited time. Our channel is here to make sure whatever games you play, your gaming sessions are time well spent.

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There are a lot of gamers who think of themselves as more deserving of having their opinions heard just because they have the time or skill to best the most difficult of games. Good for them, but the industry is still dominated by the average gamer and for very good reasons. Too many times are a gamer’s or journalist’s opinions thrashed because they don’t represent what the hardcore believe. Well the hardcore are the minority.

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