Geeksos isn’t exactly a very long game. You can probably complete everything within around 2 hours if you don’t waste any time dying needlessly like I did 😛 Plus, the game isn’t very expensive either, which explains the shorter game, and can be pretty fun if you don’t really expect an in-depth stealth game like Styx or Shadow Tactics.

In addition to a nice variety of upgrades (weapons and body augmentations), you’ll also get to decide which method you’d like to use to complete the game, whether it is bloody, stealthy or a mixture of both; and there are several endings for you to uncover (by responding differently to the mastermind’s questions). The game-related humor in this game is definitely a huge plus for me as well.

For its price, I would definitely recommend buying the game if you do enjoy playing this type of games. If you’re not sure, check out a couple of gameplay vids, like mine for instance :), before deciding.

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