This is just a quick match with my man Kuria Gamer. Not much happens other that my repair fail f13 and a bit of Kuria Gamer humor. I suck at the mini game! LOL

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Also I got both of these beats from my man blaccbeard215
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Friday the 13th the game (F13) is the first of its kind. A true marker in the world of gaming. Sure there have been horror games in the past, but when is the last time you’ve played a multi-player horror game with up to 8 people prior to F13 the game and its wack ass knock offs??? Never!!! In fact we haven’t we haven’t seen a true NEW GENRE of games since Mario started driving karts!!!

The Friday the 13th the game developers picked the best franchise for this awesome gaming format. I’m glad you guys are watching this vid! We need smarter Jasons and Counselors!