Johnny re-reviews the Super Grafx review he did 11 years ago..
The PC Engine SuperGrafx (PCエンジンスーパーグラフィックス Pī Shī Enjin SūpāGurafikkusu), also known as simply the SuperGrafx, is a home video game console manufactured by NEC Home Electronics and released in Japan and France in 1989. It is the successor system to the PC Engine, released two years prior. Originally known as the PC Engine 2 during production stages, it was purported as a true 16-bit home console, featuring improved graphics and audio capabilities over its predecessor.

The console was rushed to market, released several months before its initial release date of 1990, only having modest updates to the hardware. With only six retail games released that took advantage of the console’s hardware updates, the SuperGrafx was a commercial failure, selling only 75,000 units total in both regions. None of the hardware advancements it possessed were carried over to NEC’s later consoles, such as the TurboDuo.

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