toco toco – Fuudo, Pro Gamer

Fuudo, Pro Gamer


Dengeki Offices, Iidabashi Area
Game Center Saint Tropez, Ikebukuro Area
Toriton Kitchen, Ikebukuro Area



In this episode, we will follow Fuudo, a pro eSports player, currently playing Street Fighter V, among other titles. Our first stop will be at the Dengeki offices, where Fuudo used to work. Dengeki is one of Japan’s largest gaming media and also publishes various magazines, novels and gaming guides.

Fuudo still regularly goes to Dengeki to stream “Game Ningen Gakuen”, in collaboration with Goro, journalist and former room-mate of Fuudo’s. “Game Ningen Gakuen” features multiple gaming titles such as Street Fighter V, Shadowverse and retro games.
Our next stop will be Ikebukuro, where Fuudo used to live, we will go to the Saint Tropez Game Center, where Fuudo plays Gunslinger Stratos. Gunslinger Stratos is a gun-fighting game opposing two teams of four players. Fuudo is a regular at the arcade, and strongly participated into growing its player base to become competitive in national tournaments.

Fuudo will tell us about his experiences as a gamer, his victory at EVO 2011 which was a trigger for him to turn pro, and his current lifestyle. Our last stop will be at Toriton Kitchen, an izakaya-style restaurant located in Ikebukuro, where Fuudo often goes with fellow gamers to plan on strategy for tournaments. He will meet with BegetaminB, another eSports player and current resident of a gamer-exclusive guest house in Tokyo.

Do not miss out on this episode to discover more about the life of a pro gamer in Japan.


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